This site is called I wish we had more time because that is the exact state in which I spend every minute in class with my students. It might not be obvious to you guys, but I am constantly trying to maintain a balance between keeping us on track and expanding your horizons. My hope is that here you will find something that piques your interest and sets you on a path to becoming a lifelong learner.

Never stop learning.

I tell all my students to get reading—If you don't like reading, you're reading the wrong things. Odds are there are already great writers writing (not necessarily in a book) about what you're interested in—and if there aren't, then you need to get writing! Who knows? Maybe I'll be putting one of your books on my favorites page some day!

Never stop exploring.

I code this entire site myself—with the help of many of my students—using HTML, CSS, PHP, JavaScript, jQuery, Bootstrap, and Materialize. I also run my school's Tech Club, where we teach middle school kids how to write their own video games, and assistant coach our Lego Robotics Team, helping middle schoolers learn to program robots. I recently completed the New York State Master Teacher Program, spending the past four years learning about new trends in math, science, technology, and education. Check out the mathcards my Intro to Computer Science kids and built to help review key topics for all mathematics courses. In my free time, I like to hike, golf, read, code, travel, work out, and dominate yard games.

Life is short—Go outside.

Go forth and prosper.